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The great thing about this recipe: it’s made without borax or liquid cornstarch! Instead of Borax, this slime recipe uses contact solution. Most contact solutions contain Boric Acid, needed for transforming your glue into slime and much safer to use than Borax. The contact solution works as an activator to bind the slime.


Here's an easy slime without borax recipe so your kids can make foam bead slime at home with just baking soda, glue and contact lens solution! Here's an easy slime without borax recipe so your kids can make foam bead slime at home with just baking soda, glue and contact lens solution! Skip to secondary menu;


Inside: Learn how to make this super shimmery galaxy slime with baking soda and contact solution.. Galaxy slime is one of the coolest slimes we’ve made to date! Recently we’ve created holographic glitter slime, neon slime and simple fluffy slime, but this one has become our new favorite.


Add more contact solution as needed and mix well until you get the desired consistency. When it begins to form, take the slime out of the bowl and knead with your hands! Keep kneading and adding eye contact solution to it until you get the perfect fluffy not sticky slime texture. Keep it in an airtight container when not playing with it.


I came across these homemade slime recipes, yet they all asked for either borax or contact solution. thing is, I don't have borax or contact solution. Does anybody know how to make slime without those things?


Liquid starch does contain a little bit of borax and contact solution contains boric acid. Don’t forget you can also use contact lens solution if you prefer. I think you will find that the following recipes are safe and won’t irritate the skin. However, always make sure to wash hands after playing with slime and adult supervision is best.


Slime Without Borax. There are so many ways to make fluffy slime, but a lot of slime recipes contain boron. This includes laundry starch slime, Borax slime, and slime made with contact solution. This is a mineral that may be irritating if a person is exposed to it on a regular basis.


Making slime is an easy, affordable way to keep little hands busy. If you’re a busy parent, grandparent, or caregiver looking for a fun do-it-yourself craft, this one will keep young ones busy for hours. Carefully review the ingredients in any recipe you make. Elements such as borax can cause painful irritation or injury. See […]


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You can use liquid starch, borax mixed in water (one tablespoon of borax to one cup of warm water) or laundry detergent such as tide.