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3 Ingredient Slime Without Borax, Contact Lens Solution, Laundry Detergent.Easy slime recipe to make with salt and baking soda! No borax, no contact solution...


The great thing about this recipe: it’s made without borax or liquid cornstarch! Instead of Borax, this slime recipe uses contact solution. Most contact solutions contain Boric Acid, needed for transforming your glue into slime and much safer to use than Borax. The contact solution works as an activator to bind the slime.


This is our go-to slime because it’s easy, always works and does not use Borax or any hard to find ingredients. Everything you need, you can find at Target, Walmart or your local grocery store. All you need to make this 3-Ingredient Slime is white washable school glue, baking soda and contact or all-purpose solution.


Fluffy Slime Notes. First of all, you want to make sure you are using shaving cream for this recipe. Shaving gel does not produce the same fluffiness that shaving cream does.. Second, since you’re not using borax, your contact lens solution must contain boric acid. If it doesn’t it won’t be able to activate the slime, so double check the ingredient list before you purchase any solution.


While the supposed dangers of borax have been disproved, it is possible (though rare) to have an allergic reaction, so we made this fluffy slime recipe without borax. You can use contact solution (aka saline solution) as a slime activator, as well as liquid starch. We make a LOT of slime, and liquid starch is quite a bit cheaper, so that’s ...


I came across these homemade slime recipes, yet they all asked for either borax or contact solution. thing is, I don't have borax or contact solution. Does anybody know how to make slime without those things?


Add more contact solution as needed and mix well until you get the desired consistency. When it begins to form, take the slime out of the bowl and knead with your hands! Keep kneading and adding eye contact solution to it until you get the perfect fluffy not sticky slime texture. Keep it in an airtight container when not playing with it.


Easy Stretchy Slime with No Borax or Liquid Starch. This slime without borax or liquid starch recipe is perfect for making with the little kids. It has all the stretch they are going to want, with out you having to worry about them touching chemicals. Everything you need to make this kid friendly slime recipe is ok for kids to touch.


That’s because both contact lens solution and liquid starch contain boric acid, which is the chemical in borax and what you’re trying to avoid for a non-toxic slime recipe. So if you’re really looking for a slime without borax or glue, be sure to read the ingredients carefully!


Alina Bradford Slime is a popular toy that kids (and adults!) love to make and play with. It's just so satisfying to squish and stretch. The problem is, many slime recipes call for borax, a ...