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Ingredients used in making slime without borax: Here are some common ingredients used in making slime without borax : White Elmer’s Glue. Baking Soda. Water. Shaving Cream. Contact Lens Solution **Important: your brand of contact lens solution must have boric acid and sodium borate in the ingredient list. … Liquid Food Coloring


*Note: You can have a fluffy slime recipe without borax. All you do is skip using Borax to make fluffy slime with contact solution. Basically, use the contact solution in its place. Pour the glue into another bowl. Add the shaving cream to the glue. If you are using the foaming soap, add it to the glue/shaving cream mixture at this time.


While the supposed dangers of borax have been disproved, it is possible (though rare) to have an allergic reaction, so we made this fluffy slime recipe without borax. You can use contact solution (aka saline solution) as a slime activator, as well as liquid starch. We make a LOT of slime, and liquid starch is quite a bit cheaper, so that’s ...


I came across these homemade slime recipes, yet they all asked for either borax or contact solution. thing is, I don't have borax or contact solution. Does anybody know how to make slime without those things?


How to make a slime without Borax. When you are making slime you need a slime activator. You can use a borax substitute like contact lens solution/saline or liquid laundry detergent. If you would prefer to use borax, then dissolve 1/2 a tsp of Borax mixed with 1 cup of water. Since you want to try recipe’s without it…


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Easy Stretchy Slime with No Borax or Liquid Starch. This slime without borax or liquid starch recipe is perfect for making with the little kids. It has all the stretch they are going to want, with out you having to worry about them touching chemicals. Everything you need to make this kid friendly slime recipe is ok for kids to touch.


Well there are only 2 that I know will no matter what the slime is work. Now the first one is tide, the only bad thing is that this partially colors your slime while activating. The next one is sta-flo this is my go to Activator. It works without ...


That’s because both contact lens solution and liquid starch contain boric acid, which is the chemical in borax and what you’re trying to avoid for a non-toxic slime recipe. So if you’re really looking for a slime without borax or glue, be sure to read the ingredients carefully!


Slime Without Borax. There are so many ways to make fluffy slime, but a lot of slime recipes contain boron. This includes laundry starch slime, Borax slime, and slime made with contact solution. This is a mineral that may be irritating if a person is exposed to it on a regular basis.