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Iditarod Sled Dog Nutrition: Q&A with an Iditarod Veterinarian Posted on March 28, 2019 Every year in early March since 1973, about 50 mushers and 1,000 dogs participate in what is known as the Last Great Race on Earth— the Iditarod .


The purpose of this paper is to review the nutritional requirements of athletic dogs. The nutrition of exercising dogs is an emotive issue. This was illustrated recently by a headline in the Anchorage Daily News which stated, “ vitamin (E) deficiencies killed Iditarod dogs” (Medred 1997).Unfortunately, the basis for this claim has not been published and the vitamin E requirements of ...


Dog Food Direct, Dent, Minnesota, USA - Eagle Pack & NutriSource both with formulas for sled dogs as well as top-quality supplements; Dogs Choice, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada - Fresh Frozen Pet Food, All Dogs Choice dog food has locally-raised natural ingredients, with: no filler, no antibiotics, no msg, no added hormones


While calorie needs vary from sled dog to sled dog, a rough estimate by the Iditarod Sled Dog Racing Association notes that a dog at peak race times can consume and burn up to 10,000 calories a day. Younger dogs, faster dogs, and heavier dogs burn more. During the offseason, a sled dog may only consume 800 calories.


The adequate diet for sled dogs must ensure a high intake of clean protein, which is essential to improve muscle efficiency, increase physical endurance and contribute to have faster recovery after intense physical effort. Sled dog diet: canine athletes needs. The nutritional needs of “canine athletes” are unique.


Endurance sled dogs have unique dietary energy requirements. At present, there is disparity in the literature regarding energy expenditure and thus energy requirements of these dogs. We sought to further elucidate energy requirements for endurance sled dogs under field conditions. Three sled dog ...


A sled dog’s diet is very different from yours. They don’t need to eat fruits and vegetables like you. People are omnivores, but dogs are carnivores. That means dogs are meat eaters. We feed the sled dogs dry dog food and frozen chicken. The dog food looks similar to what you might feed your dog at home, but it has a more fat and protein in it.


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Running a dog with food in the gut is NOT GOOD, they could vomit while running and aspirate or get GDV and die. Here are some guidelines for feeding a raw diet for your canine. You need a large freezer for making and storing a blended mix


Alpo may be fine for Fido, but when it comes to Alaska's elite sled racing pooches, plain, old dog food just won't do. "These dogs are athletes," says three-time Iditarod winner, Jeff King. "To be good athletes, dogs can't be overweight or skinny. They need to be at an optimum weight.