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Hundreds of clay projects using several techniques and clay construction methods: slab, coil, clay impression and texture, carving, sgraffito and sculpting. Pottery Hand-building Project Ideas and Pictures for Teachers and Artists : See Pottery Hand-building Ideas Slideshow.


Your own slab building pottery projects can work well for you if you have a construction need and want to save money while at it. Doing your own slabs could mean reduced labor hiring and expenses since you can also use readily available materials and still get results.


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How to Slab Clay. Slabbing clay is a handbuilding pottery technique that has been around for centuries. Before potters began using pottery wheels, simple tools were used to create clay pottery. Slabbing clay is a technique the includes...


Handbuilding is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. The most common handbuilding techniques are pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building. To make a pinch pot, one inserts a thumb into a ball of clay and continually pinches the the clay between the thumb and fingers while rotating to thin ...


The slab project below is a sample of our commission work requiring large slab construction using cone 6 high firing stoneware to insure durability and longevity. The "high firing" challenge is to eliminate or minimize warping and cracking that typically occurs due to stoneware clay's high shrinkage rate (12% +).


Slab Pottery. Slab construction is an ancient method of pottery, but one with lots of modern appeal. Students interested in pottery and ceramics may find unique and fun challenges in slab ...


The projects selected here are easy even though some may look complicated. But with our easy-to-follow format, you’ll be able to duplicate what some of these talented potters have described. These projects can be made with almost any type of ceramic clay and fired at the recommended temperature for that clay.