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We asked 59 job seekers about their AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate. This is what they told us: 75% of job seekers said " help my career progression " was the biggest reason for earning their AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate; 81% said earning their AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate helped them make more money; 80% said earning their AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificat...


Perhaps now more than ever, skilled trades craftsmen are in high demand. More than just training students for a job, we educate you in preparation for a career in the following skilled trades: Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, and Welding.


Skilled trades are occupations that require a special skill, knowledge or ability which can be obtained at a college, technical school or through specialized training. Skilled trades provide an alternative to jobs that require four years of college education. While skilled trades can be separated into many areas such as manufacturing ...


Included among our efforts is the expansion of the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP). The STEP program is an agreement between the local unions and the City of Detroit. Under the agreement, incentives are provided to local unions to recruit and retain qualified Detroiters within all sectors of the construction workforce.


His future is as strong as the welds he creates―and all because he chose a skilled trade path less taken. Construction in Michigan displays a higher than average share of workers in the prime-working age group of 35 to 54. ... Educational institutions that offer Skilled Trades training and programs.


GRCC's Job Training can change your life and put you on a pathway to a rewarding career in the skilled trades in a relatively short amount of time.. Admissions process. Job Training programs begin every few months so you don't have to wait. Start the admissions process now and you can start right away.. Information Sessions. Job Training Information Sessions will be offered in an online fo...


Equip yourself with the training you need for a successful career in construction with our Construction Trade courses. From construction site basics to advanced skills training to Contractor Licensing Exam Prep, our comprehensive course catalog offers a variety of options for craft laborers of all experience levels and specializations.


Candidates want to make sure their skilled trades resume carefully delineates accredited college or vocational training, necessary licensing and certification, and the hands-on experience that will get the top salaries.The prospects a skilled trades resume can open up are too vast to list here. Suffice it to say, there likely isn’t an ...


Discover how Michigan is Going PRO with professional trades. Find rewarding careers with competitive salaries and less schooling in a variety of emerging industries. Learn how you can get started on a Professional Trades career path today.


Read on to learn about some of the highest paying skilled trades jobs. List of 10 Top Paying Skilled Trade Jobs. Schooling or training for these careers normally takes under 2 years though some apprenticeships take longer than that. But if you're an apprentice you'll be on the job making money while you train. HVAC Technician—$48,730 median ...