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Research skills are important because they enable people to obtain information that can help with better decision-making in a career and daily life. Doing research can help people discover new options for solving problems and explore ways to make changes. Research skills also enable people to examin


Transferable skills are abilities a person acquires in work or life that are useful in a new position. Potential employers look for people with skills that offer the new employee the greatest chance for success if hired.


Social skills refer to those skills that facilitate communication and interaction among people. Social skills are what humans require to get along with others. They range from very basic skills such as saying hello, or congratulating others on their success, to more complex ones that include skills


Technical skills are a person's abilities that contribute directly to performance of a given job, such as computer, engineering, language and electrical skills. Someone with excellent abilities in any of these technical areas has the potential to secure a career in a related field.


While some technical skills are general, others are incredibly specific such as a knowledge of medicine or the ability to rewire circuitry, meaning these skills are needed to perform a specific job or set of tasks, as noted by Luther College. Those who lack such technical skills cannot apply them to


A trading post is a place, usually located in a rural area, that people visit to trade, buy or sell services or goods, states Merriam-Webster. Trading posts are also commonly called forts or stores.


International trade allows people to pay less for products. Some areas of the world can manufacture products for less money. Other areas excel at producing high-end, innovative products.


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Employers are in need of skilled workers, and a certificate program can be a great way to get the training you need to start a successful career. by Nicole Dow Senior Writer When we think about post-secondary education, we tend to think about getting a degree from a two- or four-year college. But ce


Fun fact: you might be paying more rent than you need to. Here are five ways to trade your time and skills for a discount on your rent. by Erica Rath Contributor Raise your hand if the biggest expense on your monthly budget sheet is rent. Yup, you and everyone else. I’ve been renting since I graduat