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Below are our picks for the best downhill ski boots of 2019. For more information, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks. To complete your alpine kit, check out our articles on the best all-mountain skis and ski bindings. Best Overall Downhill Ski Boot 1. Lange RX 120 ($600) Last: 97 or 100mm (narrow or medium width)


Generally speaking, everyone wants, or at least thinks they want, stiffer boots. That being said, depending on your skiing ability, personal body weight and skiing style: ski boots can easily be too stiff and will work against you instead of helping you while skiing down.


Ever started skiing and realized that your boots are pinching your feet? Ill-fitting ski boots will not only hurt, they’ll prevent you from having proper control over your skis and ruin your day on the slopes. Ski boot technology has improved a lot over the last decade and choosing the best ski boots now means giving your feet ultimate comfort.


Ski Boot Buying Guide . With the proper knowledge and education, finding the perfect pair of ski boots is easy to do online. At Skis.com we provide you with all of the tools, filters, reviews, information, and latest fitting techniques to help you make the most educated choice for your new ski boots.. Gender


The Lange RX 120 has been a two-time Editors' Choice Award winner in past reviews and offers top-notch performance in an approachable design for most intermediate and advanced skiers. With a stiff, progressive flex that is in the top of its class, this boot is capable in most any in-bounds ski conditions that you are likely to find yourself skiing.


The Scarpa Maestrale RS Ski Boot is not as lightweight as some other boots on this list, but the boot is durable and is made for the hardcore skier who wants a quality boot. These boots are made with grilamid shell that is infused with carbon fibres to ensure they are durable but also carry no extra weight.


The “MNC” in the Guardian’s name stands for “Multi-Norm Certified”—this means the Guardian will safely accept a normal alpine ski boot sole or the lugged, rockered sole of a touring boot. It’s about twice the weight of a tech option and as a result not a great choice for longer tours, but the downhill performance is undeniable.


Realskiers.com members tap into a vast library of information about how ski gear works, including archived ski reviews going back more than a decade. Because the enjoyment of any ski depends on one’s boots, Realskiers.com also covers all you need to know about how boots should fit and how to find your perfect pair.


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