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How Does a Skeleton Key Work? Posted on January 4, ... No electricity, codes, or magic are involved in these locking mechanisms. The locksmith or manufacturer simply creates a lock that opens to a key that matches the mechanical parts of the lock, whether a set of obstructions inside the lock (warded lock) or a set of channels, pins, and ...


How to Unlock an Antique Without a Skeleton Key. ... All you have to do is find a screwdriver that fits the screw, remove the screws, then extract the lock's interior mechanism. Work carefully here, because the screws on antiques may be badly rusted or corroded.


With my skeleton key. The mortise locks were all lined up in the box in the picture above. I asked if they had any of the original keys. They didn’t. Then I pulled out my skeleton key and explained I had a broken lock and I knew it was a total long shot, but, I was hoping my skeleton key would work in one of these locks.


Wards are most frequently placed both on the outside of the lock mechanism and on the inside as well. Now, skeleton keys are rare, only used to open up cabinets or other pieces of furniture. Used as Master Keys . However, skeleton keys can also be used as master keys, particularly in businesses where many locked doors are encountered, such as ...


Lucky Line 87202 Skeleton Keys by ... The keys work great in the older style locking mechanism even though both of the keys are different. The keys are also sturdy, and I'm not worried about breaking them. Read more.


Due to the design of the lock, a well designed skeleton key can be made to bypass the wards. For this reason warded lock mechanisms are generally used in low security applications. There are also a very limited number of unique keys that can be created, so many keys will be able to open other doors that they were not designed to open.


Cabinet Locks, Desk Drawer Locks & Furniture Locks. Replace non-working furniture locks with one of our authentically reproduced and fully functional cabinet locks or desk drawer locks. Made of solid brass or steel with matching skeleton key, these locks will secure your cabinets and drawers with function and style.


Cleaning and Repairing an Antique Mortise Door Lock: If you have an older house with knobs that slip, latches that are stuck inside the door, or other minor problems, then you should follow these instructions to remove the lock, dis-assemble it, clean and perform minor repairs.