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Hurricane Ike, a 2008 hurricane that caused widespread damage in the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States, began forming as a tropical wave off the coast of Africa, became a tropical depression as it moved westward and was then upgraded to a tropical storm. After it briefly weakened, deep co


Hurricane Ike landed in the Houston and Galveston areas of Texas on September 13, 2008. The hurricane also caused many deaths and significant damage in Cuba and Haiti. A September 2013 Claims Journal article noted that it was the most expensive hurricane to ever hit Texas.


Hurricane Ike was responsible for 195 recorded casualties spread out among several Caribbean nations and the Gulf states of the U.S. The storm was the third major hurricane of the 2008 season, and in early September, it caused an estimated $37.5 billion in damages throughout the region.


A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with sustained winds reaching speeds of at least 74 miles per hour, according to The Weather Channel. Hurricanes are classified on a scale of 1 to 5 using the scale Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.


Hurricanes are formed by rain clouds that grow over warm ocean waters. The clouds build to create wind speeds higher than 74 miles per hour. While tornadoes can attack without warning, hurricanes form over a period of days.


Hurricanes are made when tropical storms form over sections of the ocean with warm, moist air and enough wind to begin a spiral. The primary cause is the latent heat from water evaporating off the surface of the ocean, which causes atmospheric imbalances that can increase wind speeds to hurricane le


The parts of a hurricane are called the eye, the eye wall and the rain bands. The eye is at the center of the hurricane and usually measures between 20 to 40 miles. The eye wall surrounds the eye, stretching 5 to 30 miles in width. The rain bands form the spiraling portion of the hurricane and can b


An IKS private server is a computer that is connected to the Internet and providing illegal access to satellite television broadcasts by sharing one customer's satellite subscription to many other people who have not formally subscribed. IKS stands for Internet Key Sharing.


According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, hurricanes form when heat from calm, warm seas rises into a cooling atmosphere, generating a tropical system. The rising moisture causes the forming clouds to begin a rotation, much like water flowing down a drain. As the storm


The World Meteorological Organization names hurricanes. A six-year rotation of male and female names is used for hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, although if one storm causes so much damage or loss of life that using it again would be traumatic, the organization replaces it, according to NOAA.