The weight of a full keg of beer depends on the size and dimensions of the keg. A full keg of beer weighs about 161 pounds. More »

The standard U.S. keg size is a half barrel and has a capacity of 15.5 gallons or 1984 ounces, which is the equivalent of 165 12-ounce glasses of beer. The standard keg measures 23 3/8 inches high by 16 1/8 inches wide a... More » Food Food Measurements

A 5-liter keg yields approximately 10 pint-sized glasses of beer, which is the equivalent of about 14 12-ounce bottles. Five-liter kegs are known as mini kegs. They were designed to be an economical solution for those wh... More »

A half-barrel keg of beer weighs 140 to 170 pounds. It holds 15.5 gallons, which is about seven cases of beer. Keg sizes are not standardized, so volumes and measurements can vary slightly between countries and manufactu... More »

Keg sizes are not standardized from country to country or brewery to brewery; however, a standard keg in the United States is equal to a half barrel, or 15.5 gallons, of beer. Therefore a standard U.S. keg contains 165 1... More »

Once a beer is tapped, it stays fresh for 20 to 30 days. After this time, taste and smell begin to suffer. Craft or microbrewed beers generally go stale faster. More »

The standard American half-barrel beer keg holds 15.5 gallons. This is equal to 165 12-ounce servings, or 124 16-ounce servings. The American half-barrel keg is 23.3 inches tall with a diameter of 16.1 inches. It weighs ... More » Food Beverages Beer