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So this furnace would work very well for an older house in the Los Angeles or Atlanta area, and be more than enough for a well insulated, new home. If you're in Washington, D.C., in the 1,900-square-foot home, and the furnace you're considering has an efficiency of 80 percent, you'll want your input rating to be 100,000 BTUs.


A rule of thumb is to allow 25 to 30 BTU per square foot for moderate climates and up to 45 BTU per square foot in harsher climates. For a 2,000 square foot home, the ideal furnace size therefore varies from 60,000 to 90,000 BTU. Efficiency is an important consideration in selecting the correct size of furnace for a home.


BTU Charts Furnace Output and Air Conditioner size for a Bungalow Bungalow Area [sq ft]* Furnace Output [BTU/hr] Air Conditioner size [ton] Built after year 1980 Built before year 1980 Built after year 1980 Built before year 1980 up to … Readmore


What size furnace for 1800 square foot house? Based on square footage alone, it isn't possible to specify a certain size required to keep your home warm. The age of the home (having a direct ...


For this example, using an 80% efficient furnace, the 1900 square foot home above would require a 90,000 Btu input furnace that produces 72,000 Btu's of heating, which is close enough to the 76,000 Btu's required using the climate heating factor.


At 40 to 45 BTUs per square foot, you'd need a 100,000 to 112,500 BTU furnace to heat your 2,500-square-foot home. ... is a more precise way of estimating furnace size. Natural gas for a furnace ...


A "working" estimate is figured out by knowing your climate, the square footage of the home, the size of the furnace and its efficiency. A standard that is used by heating and cooling equipment ...


1500 square feet X 35 heating factor (from the chart above) 52,500 Btu's required to heat your home . Then, to determine the heating output on a given electric furnace, simply view the heating element Btu options that most closely match your requirement. The electric furnace heating element options are displayed within the electric furnace ...


What size heat pump is needed for a 1600 square foot duplex? ... A properly trained HVAC technician has the ability to calculate the required heat load for your home based on where you live, the ...


The SEER rating of an air conditioner for a 1,600-square-foot home can vary. There is no specific requirement for a specific SEER rating for a home of this size, or for any other size for that matter.