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A car's starter motor is an electric motor that engages and turns the main crankshaft, drawing air and fuel into the cylinders so the engine can start. To do this, the starter draws heavy current through the battery, engages a flywheel or flexplate connected to the crankshaft, and turns it.


Some top-rated jump starters include the Black and Decker Simple Start and Schumacher e-Charge, according to Consumer Reports. Both chargers performed well on all vehicles they were tested with.


The first thing that indicates a possible bad starter is a car that does not start. If the car does not crank when the key is turned but makes a clicking sound, the lights need to be checked for dimness. If the lights are not dim, the starter is the likely problem. Another symptom is a slow crank th


As of 2014, the top-rated remote car starters include the Viper 5301, Performance Teknique ICBM-7071, Drone from Compustar, Avital 4103 and Directed SmartStart GPS. The Viper 5301 earns top marks for its useful programmable options and ability to start vehicles from a distance of 2,000 feet.


Removing a starter for replacement is a moderately challenging job. It requires basic tools, an understanding of the workings of the vehicle engine and battery, and the skills to manipulate several components of the vehicle. The starter is removed by detaching the wires, bolts, and support bar to re


To install a starter, disconnect the vehicle battery and the starter, unbolt and remove the old starter, bolt the new starter on the starter block, reconnect the starter, and reconnect the battery. The supplies you need for this one-hour project are a ratchet, a screwdriver, lubricant and a new star


A new aquarium owner should stick to species that are hardy, peaceful, and easy to feed. Fish that meet these criteria include danios, platies, swordfish, neon tetras, cory cats, dwarf gouramis and catfish of the genus Plecostomus.


There are several problems that can indicate that a car's starter should be replaced including a clicking sound when trying to start the car, a slow starter speed and a grinding noise while the engine is running. A starter is a part of the engine within the car so it is important that the starter is


Most car starters are under the vehicle, where the engine and transmission meet. Sometimes in front-wheel vehicles with side-mounted engines, the car starter is accessible from the hood. However, owners and mechanics usually can only access the car starter by getting under the car.


Transition words are some of the best examples of sentence starters. There are words to show contrast, such as "although," "however," "besides" and "conversely." Other words show consequence, and examples of this type include "because" and "as a result." Words showing emphasis include "above all" an