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Season six of “Sister Wives” continues to follow the trials, tribulations and good times of the polygamist Brown family. The sixth season kicks off with the divorce of Kody and Meri, which begins the process of Kody looking to legally marry Robyn. The season also focuses on Kody’s attempts at legall


People can view episodes of Season Six of "Sister Wives" on Hulu.com and Amazon.com, as of 2015. Hulu requires a subscription to watch full episodes. Amazon sells full seasons of "Sister Wives" and individual episodes.


Islam allows multiple wives. The Koran teaches that men are allowed to have four wives but only if they can financially support all of them. Men with multiple wives can be found in certain Muslim societies in the modern world, but these men are usually wealthy.


The stars of "Army Wives" included Kim Delaney, Wendy Davis, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh and Catherine Bell. The male stars were Sterling Brown, Brian McNamara, Drew Fuller, Terry Serpico and Jeremy Davidson. Stars that later joined the cast were Kelli Williams, Brooke Shields, Ashanti, Alyssa D


John Denver's first wife was Annie Martell, whom he married in 1967. His second wife was Cassandra Delaney, an actress whom he married in 1988, six years after his divorce from Annie Martell.


Moses had one or two wives, depending on how the Biblical text is interpreted. The only wife of Moses known by name is Zipporah. In Biblical text, however, Moses is also castigated by his brother and sister for marrying a Cushite, which is a person from modern day Ethiopia.


My-Pastor.com recommends "To Our Pastor's Wife" by Helen Bush, "A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" by Judy Crowe, and "The Pastor's Wife" by Judy Dycus. These poems honor the role that the pastor's wife plays in the congregation.


Linda Hamilton and Vivien Leigh are two famous wives who have suffered from bipolar disorder, according to Everyday Health. This condition causes extreme swings between emotional highs, known as the manic phase, and lows, or depression. Shifts between euphoria and hopelessness range from every few d


The three most important and well-documented wives of Akbar are Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Salima Sultan Begum, and Mariam-uz-Zamani. Not much is known about his other wives.


Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, there are four types of benefits that spouses of deceased veterans can apply to receive as of 2015: dependency and indemnity compensation, a survivor’s pension, home loans and educational assistance, and scholarships. The survivor’s pension and the depen