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6 legs in Md I've recently found two different types of spider-looking insects around my house, both of which have 6 legs, both appearing to be perfectly intact with no visible pedipalps. Any ideas on what these are? I know the pics aren't the best; I've been calling them alien spiders.


However, some spiders have adapted their two front legs for purposes other than walking, and in these cases the front legs may be so diminished in size as to be inconspicuous. Other spiders, such as the Nursery Web Spider, have a habit of holding their first two leg pairs very close together, giving the appearance of only six legs.


The six legged specimen is a male and your new photo is a female Huntsman Spider. They have sexual dimorphism, meaning the sexes have pronounced visual differences. In some animals, the differences are so pronounced that they appear to be different species.


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Listing of all insects, bugs and spiders to be found in the InsectIdentification.org database. TOP ^ North America is home to hundreds of thousands of insect and spider types - the perfect stage for casual observation, photography, research and education.


Insect and Spider Identification - Information and Pictures of North American Insects, Spiders, and Bugs. There are over 1 million identified species of insects and spiders in the world with many more still awaiting discovery.


All spiders have two body regions (cephalothorax and unsegmented abdomen), eight legs (each with seven segments), a pair of pedipalps, a pair of chelicerae (jaws) and either six or eight simple eyes . Are all spiders poisonous? Yes - to their prey! All spiders have a pair of poison glands with ducts that supply venom to the hollow jaws ...


6-legged “spider” January 8, 2010 Dear Bugman, We noticed several of these spider-like bugs crawling around inside our house this December. They seemed to coincide with the set-up of our freshly cut Christmas tree. Once the tree was removed in January we did not notice them anymore. This just may be a coincidence, but we don’t know for sure.


I just found a spider crawling up the wall in my hallway. What struck me is that the spider apparently has six legs. I sure didn't pull them out, and I don't see how it could have lost them otherwise (though I guess it's possible), so I don't know what kind of spider this is.


Identification (or continue to the photo guide and reference this key when necessary) Identifying arthropods is difficult because of the great variation in forms, even among close relatives. However, the following key will help you recognize some of the major groups found in homes (and a few of the many around it).