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WHAT IS SISTER SIZING? Your current bra size has “Sister Sizes” - alternate sizes where the cup volume stays the same even though the band size and cup letter changes.Finding a Sister Size requires a set of one-size shifts, in opposite directions, in the numbers and letters of bra sizing.


Bra Sister Size Chart: How to use the bra sister size chart? Find your bra size in the chart below. Bra sizes marked with the same color (placed in the same row) are sister sizes and do have about the same cup volume (actual cup size) as your usual bra size - and may fit you! So, if you i.e. are using bra size 34C, a 32D or a 36B may also fit ...


In short: both 38B and 36C can fit the same bust - they are "sister sizes" with the same cup volume. 36B and 34C are also "sister sizes". In short: More bra sizes can fit your bust! See which bra sizes that have same cup volume in the bra sister size charts below. Remember: Different "bra sister sizes" can be used by the same woman (cup volume ...


What you might not have known about bras is that the "sister bra sizes"—the sizes surrounding your current bra size—can help you quickly find a bra that fits better when the one you're trying ...


While we typically recommend becoming familiar with a lingerie brand before trying sister sizes, sometimes a sister size can provide a better fit than the size you normally wear. This is why it’s so important to understand what sister sizing is and how to find your bra sister size when shopping for bras. What is a sister size?


Let’s assume your bra size is 36C. Here are your sister bra sizes in your bra size neighborhood. Going horizontally, you will change both your band and cup size. Want a bra both one size smaller in the cup and band? Go to a 34C. Want a bra both one size larger in the cup and band? Go to a 38C.


A 38C bra is a nice large size depending on the owners body size and shape. The breast would fit if the largest part of your breast is up to 3"(three inches) bigger than the the band size.


Sister Sizing- It's so easy! Either up in band and down in cup or down in band and up in cup


Avoid the Sister Size trap. Once I explain how “sister sizing” works, my bra fitting clients often say “Oh, great! Since I was measured for a 30D, that means I can buy a 32C or a 34B and wear that, too!” And while, technically that cup size will fit, that doesn’t mean a bra in one of her “sister sizes” is going to be the best fit.


Sister sizing is a technique used by bra fitters when they just can't find the right bra for you with your natural size. Sister sizing is not as ideal as the perfect fitting bra, but you may try it if you are struggling to get a bra that you like in the size that you need.