To clean a sisal rug, vacuum the rug, blot it with a cloth moistened with soapy water to remove any stains, and then blot the rug with a dry cloth to remove moisture. You need a vacuum, a bucket, mild soap and clean rags... More »

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner, bleach-free laundry detergent and white vinegar are some safe cleaners for a sisal rug. The cleaner varies based on the type of stain. Avoid shampooing or steam cleaning a sisal rug. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

A mug rug is a small piece of quilted fabric used for placing mugs, cups or other utensils; in addition to being decorative, they help protect table finishes. Mug rugs are quilted in a variety of patterns and designs. More » Home & Garden Decor Rugs & Carpets

To bind a carpet remnant to turn it into an area rug, begin by trimming the carpet to the desired size using a straight edge and utility knife. Trim away any fraying edges with scissors, and make sure that any corners ar... More » Home & Garden Decor Rugs & Carpets

To repair a loose thread in a braided rug, take the thread out, and connect the two parts of the rug, using a rounded upholstery needle. If there is a problem with a larger part of the rug, undo it up to the place where ... More » Home & Garden Decor Rugs & Carpets

Materials that are good for carpet runners in hallways are usually the most durable, such as sisal, wool, cotton and synthetics. Most homeowners tend to place runners in high-traffic areas, making durability a priority w... More » Home & Garden Decor Rugs & Carpets

The main difference between jute and sisal is that sisal is tougher than jute. Jute and sisal are natural fibers commonly used to make rugs; jute is a strong fiber that is used to make cordage, burlap and gunny, and it i... More »