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The top selling dinnerware brands on Amazon are Corelle and Gibson, as of 2015. Top 5 Reviews lists Corelle, Gibson and Rachel Ray as the best casual dinnerware brands.


As of July 2015, Fiesta, Lenox and HF Coors dinnerware brands are made in the United States. Homer Laughlin China Company makes Fiesta dishes at its plant in Newell, West Virginia. The company introduced its red, yellow, cobalt blue, green and ivory dinnerware in 1936.


Quality dinnerware sets for 12 come from such companies as Pfaltzgraff, Mikasa, JCPenney and Corelle. Pflatzgraff offers such patterns as Winterberry, whose plate and bowl rims are gently scalloped and edged in turquoise and have patterns of garlands and sprigs of holly berries.


Dinnerware is sometimes called "china" as a reference to the country of China, where the first porcelain was produced. Porcelain has historically been the material used in the production of fine dinnerware.


If your china is high-quality and in a desirable pattern, the easiest way to sell it is through a china matching or replacement company. China in good condition also may sell on auction sites such as eBay.


Easter dinnerware typically features spring colors, floral patterns or Easter-themed illustrations, depending on the manufacturer, but it may also come in classic white designs. Some Easter dinnerware items have shapes that resemble common Easter or spring symbols, such as Target's flower-shaped sal


Owl dinnerware are contemporary pieces of service ware with owl design features. Rachael Ray owl collection is very popular and can be found on her website and other sites with selling pages, such as Amazon.


Brands offering fine china dinnerware include Ralph Lauren, Charter Club, Lenox, the Hotel Collection, Waterford and Mikasa. Bernardaud, Cru, Denby and Donna Karan Lenox also make fine china dinnerware, as do Gorham, Jay Imports and even Kate Spade. Fine china differs from ordinary china because it


Places to buy Fat Chef dinnerware include websites such as eBay, Seventh Avenue and Amazon.com as of 2015. Other resources for these dishes include Compare99.com, Sears.com and Tico Decorations.


Libbey and Oneida both manufacture clear glass dinnerware sets. Libbey makes square and round plates and bowls, and Oneida makes glass serving bowls, mugs and plates of many sizes.