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Negative signs in fractions (with variables) Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


If your improper fraction numbers are large you can use the Long Division with Remainders Calculator to find whole number and remainder values when simplifying fractions by hand. To perform math operations on fractions before you simplify them try our Fractions Calculator. This calculator will also simplify improper fractions into mixed numbers.


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Demonstrates how to simplify fractions containing negative exponents. Provides worked examples, showing how the same exercise can be correctly worked in more than one way. Warns against confusing "minus" signs on numbers and "minus" signs in exponents.


Simplifying Fractions With Negative Exponents Lesson. To best understand this lesson, make sure that you have read and understand the following lessons: Simplifying Negative Exponents; Simplifying Variables with Negative Exponents; This lesson will explain how to simplify the negative exponents in problems like the following two.


This tutorial shows how negative fractions can be written in three different ways. ... Learn how to subtract a fraction from another negative fraction ... How to do Algebra Part 1 7 Simplifying ...


A fraction represents part of a whole. The bottom number is the denominator, which tells you how many equal parts the whole is divided by. The top number is the numerator, which tells you how many parts of the whole the fraction represents. If a fraction has a negative number as its denominator, it's easy to convert it into a positive.


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Simplifying Fractions Calculator. Use this page to reduce a fraction to it's lowest terms. Enter the numerator and denominator as integer numbers.Then press the "Simplify Fraction" button, to calculate and display the simplified fraction. You may enter positive or negative numbers for both numerator and denominator as long as their value is between -2147483648 and 2147483647.