It is possible to simply rational expressions using a calculator. There are special calculators available online designed for this purpose, or you can use a regular calculator. More » Math Fractions & Percentages

Financial calculators make excellent tools for planning, forecasting and preparing a wide variety of financial decisions. They simplify several calculations, such as compound interest and regular payments, and can provid... More » Math Math Calculators

Some online stores like Wal-Mart, SchoolMart and School Outfitters have calculators that do math fractions. Wal-Mart sells the Casio FX-65 fraction calculator that is suitable for elementary and junior high school studen... More » Math Math Calculators

To simplify a fraction, divide both the top number, the numerator, and the bottom number, the denominator, by the greatest common factor. Simplifying a fraction is reducing it to its lowest form. More »

Improper fractions are those in which the numerator (top number) is larger than the denominator (bottom number). According to Math is Fun, improper fractions are better for use in mathematical formulae, but mixed fractio... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

To multiply polynomial fractions, also called rational expressions, break down the given problem into individual polynomials, and factor them. Once the polynomials are factored, cancel any like factors, and simplify the ... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

Having a denominator of zero is the same thing as dividing by zero, which is a nonsensical operation. Dividing by zero would be like the real-world equivalent of trying to share eight apples among zero people. In mathema... More »