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Dishcloth knitting patterns are an easy and useful way to practice your knitting skills or a new stitch pattern but dishcloths are also a fun knitting project that will spice up your kitchen with fresh new colors.


Create washable easy knit dishcloths in a variety of seasonal colors. These knitted dishcloth patterns are perfect knitting patterns for beginners. Best of all, they're easy to make, so the second one gets dirty, you can make another one. Use the colors suggested or create your own scheme to match ...


You might think that knit dishcloth patterns are a waste of time. After all, you use them to clean dirty dishes - not very glamorous. However, these 12 Knitted Dishcloth Patterns are gorgeous and look great with your other kitchen decor items. These free knitting patterns are varied and unique - you ...


Knit dishcloths are versatile, machine-washable, and great for scrubbing – plus they’re pretty! As an inexperienced knitter, I reach out to my friend and fellow blogger (and knitting aficionado) Evelyn at Nemcsok Farms for her help in creating this easy knit dishcloth pattern.


Easy Knit Dishcloth / Washcloth: I've recently become obsessed with knitting dishcloths and washcloths. I've been experimenting with creating my own designs but then thought I should try something simple. This is a very basic knit dishcloth pattern that is great for beginners. It...


This knit dishcloth pattern is an easy project for any level knitter. All you need is cotton yarn, needles and a basic knowledge of a few knitting terms. These knit dishcloths make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life! I took up knitting eight years ago. I was newly married and my husband was working long hours so he told me to get a hobby.


Many times, I’ll practice a new pattern or stitch while knitting a dishcloth. But I’m also all about this simple pattern I’m sharing below. It’s perfect for some mindless knitting while watching a t.v. show. Supplies cotton yarn size 8 or 9 needles. Pattern Cast on 4 stitches Knit one row. Knit 2, Yarn Over, knit to the end of the row.


Knit dishcloth patterns are a functional way to try out a new stitch pattern or practice your skills. Learn how to knit a dishcloth with these free patterns. These designs are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced knitters. A knitted dishcloth is a fun and practical pattern.


Knit Picks is an excellent source for free dishcloth knitting patterns, as well as a place to buy cotton yarn suitable for these useful cloths. The two pictured designs have a few more intricate patterns, but the range of free patterns is extensive so you can choose from plenty of options!