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Log into Simmons Bank Anywhere by creating an online account and linking it to an existing deposit or loan account from the bank and entering the credentials on the appropriate section of SimmonsFirst.com, as of 2015. Alternately, download the Simmons Bank Anywhere app to an iOS or Android device, a


Simmons First online banking offers customers the ability to check account balances, view and print statements online and transfer funds between accounts. In addition, account holders can make loan payments to Simmons First via online banking, view account transaction history and email customer supp


Old bank accounts can be located by visiting the bank that holds the missing account, inquiring about the account with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and checking with the state unclaimed property office, explains the FDIC. Banks require documentation for inquiries about deceased relative


Richard Simmons, born as Milton Teagle Simmons, is a former actor and fitness personality. He established Slimmons Studio, an exercise studio, in Beverley Hills, California in 1974. He found fame as a fitness instructor through his videos on weight-loss and appearances on TV shows.


As of 2015, the common types of bank accounts include checking and savings accounts as well as investment accounts. Individual financial institutions determine what types of accounts they offer, and there are different types of accounts within each category. A money market account is a type of savin


The law requires banks to keep a record of checking and savings accounts for five years after an account is closed, states Miranda Morley for Zacks. Information kept by banks includes transaction history, transfers of $3,000 or more in funds, and information on the identity of the account holder.


When switching bank accounts, taking certain steps such as searching for a new banking provider, opening a new account, transferring automatic deposits and bill payments, and discontinuing the previous checking account are suggested, according to Bankrate. As of 2015, numerous banks make it simple t


To open a bank account, choose a financial institution, and fill out the necessary application, as noted by the Wall Street Journal. Bank accounts offer several valuable tools such as online bill payment and investment management.


To open a bank account, select an institution and a type of account to open, says About.com. Once an account has been chosen, provide information such as name, birth date and social security number. Agree to the terms that the bank provides and the account can be created.


The best bank accounts for children are basic savings accounts that their parents open for them and help them manage. Children's bank accounts should not impose a minimum balance or charge a monthly fee.