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Simmons First online banking offers customers the ability to check account balances, view and print statements online and transfer funds between accounts. In addition, account holders can make loan payments to Simmons First via online banking, view account transaction history and email customer supp


Log into Simmons Bank Anywhere by creating an online account and linking it to an existing deposit or loan account from the bank and entering the credentials on the appropriate section of SimmonsFirst.com, as of 2015. Alternately, download the Simmons Bank Anywhere app to an iOS or Android device, a


Get a free online banking account by signing up with Simple, Capital One 360 or Nationwide. All these online banking services feature no monthly maintenance fees and few service fees.


Although online personal banking accounts vary by bank, they typically fall into one of four category types: checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit, states InvestorGuide.com. Each account type offers different opportunities and restrictions.


To set up a bank account online, find banks that allow online applications for bank accounts, such as Bank of America, U.S. Bank, Citibank and HSBC. You can opt for either a checking or a savings account. Some banks offer instant decision for checking account applications.


Opening an online bank account is generally quite easy and only takes a few minutes. Some banks allow new members to open an account without visiting a bank branch, while others require new members to open an account in person before being able to access it online.


Opening a bank account online requires providing the bank with identification, determining the type of account that you want and funding the new account once it has been approved. There are government rules regarding identity verification that govern the opening of all bank accounts, according to Al


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends clearing all outstanding transactions and checking bank fee policies before calling or visiting a bank branch to close a bank account. Some banks, such as Wells Fargo, may allow customers to close online accounts via email request or a written lett


U.S. Bank allows account holders to access their accounts online on the company's official website. Account holders must enroll to use online banking the first time they use it. Enrollment requires a U.S. Bank card or account number, a PIN, and a Social Security number.


Online banking has the potential to be safe, states the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, consumers should take steps to ensure banking institutions are legitimate, deposits are insured, personal information is secure and transactions are safe before using online banking services.