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There are no similarities at all between fascism and democracy except that they are both ppoollitical systems. The core starting point of fascism is a loathing and contempt for democracy and a deep rejection of the notion of equality among people.


1F: "Compare the basic features of fascism, communism and democracy"


Democracy is a system of governance by the people and for the people with the decision of rules and rulers made by the citizens of the country, while fascism is a system of governance by one individual or small group with no input from the citizenry allowed.


So, what exactly is the difference between Democracy and Fascism? These two types of government are differentiated based on factors like definition, ideologies, characteristics, structure, etc. The widely used definition of Democracy is "Government for the people, by the people, of the people" whereas, Fascism is defined as "Government with the ...


Democracy in its raw state, is very similar to Fascism. Fascism is Socialism with the element of national pride. Similar to the national pride Italians have about their language, cuisine, land, architecture etc… Ancient Greeks considered the other...


Key difference: Fascism is living under a dictatorship; living oppressed and under someone else's beliefs without having your own freedom and limited rights.Democracy is a form of government that is made for the people and ran by the people. The difference between democracy and fascism includes the type of government.


What are the similarities between fascism and democracy? This is obviously a question from a homework assignment so I'm not going to answer instead I'm going to write this.


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How Do I Describe the Similarities Between Fascism and Communism? Although communism in theory differs significantly from fascism, in practice, the two ideologies are nearly identical. The many similarities include the pervasiveness of nationalism, statism, totalitarianism and militarism.


Communism vs. Fascism Diffen › Social Sciences › History While communism is a system based around a theory of economic equality and advocates for a classless society, fascism is a nationalistic, top-down system with rigid class roles that is ruled by an all-powerful dictator.