Comets and asteroids are both made up of rock, dust and debris. They also both travel around space in an orbit. More »

Meteors are mostly made up of rock and iron, and they come from either asteroids or comets. When fragments of an asteroid or a comet break off, they are called meteoroids while they travel through space. When a meteoroid... More »

The primary reason that planetary scientists study asteroids, comets and meteoroids is because it helps them to understand the early formation of the solar system. Additionally, it is important to understand what happens... More »

Space is filled with the tiny remnants of asteroids and comets. Often, these rocky bodies collide with other rocky objects, causing them to break apart. However, they can also fall apart as they are pulled in different d... More » Science Astronomy Comets & Asteroids

A comet is a frozen collection of rocks, gases and dust that orbits around the sun, while a meteor is a piece of debris that comes into contact with a planet's atmosphere. Before it collides with a planet, a meteor is ca... More »

The various types of comets include short-period comets, long-period comets, single-apparition comets and sungrazers. Comets are normally classified according to the amount of time they take to go around the sun. More » Science Astronomy Comets & Asteroids

Asteroids and comets have several things in common, including a relatively small size as compared to planets and a lack of a viable atmosphere. Asteroids range in size from a few feet to several miles in diameter. Comets... More »