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Gorilla strength to human strength, when compared, adult gorillas are four to nine times stronger than the average man. According to the Guiness Book of Records, a silverback gorilla can lift up to 815 kilograms (1800 pounds) of dead weight. Meanwhile, a well trained human could lift a maximum of 410 kilograms (900 pounds) - half as much that the gorilla can manage.


Silverback gorillas are mature, adult males who develop gray or white hair on their backs. The silverback ape is found in both lowland and mountain gorillas. There is one silverback per troop and he is the leader of the hare-style group. Males are at least 13 years old when they become a silverback.


Silverback Gorilla is the name given to the adult male Gorillas because of the silvery fur running across their backs and hips. Humans and gorillas have a very similar genetic makeup. These close relatives share 98% of our DNA. Gorillas live in groups or communities with a clearly defined social structure.


Hence, the name – ‘silverback’. Gorillas efficiently serve the forest ecological system by dispersing seeds in rainforest. In case of many tree species, they are the only known dispersing agents. Amazingly, the strength of a single gorilla is equalsto the total strength of 4 to 8 men combined together.


Gorillas are large apes that are native to Africa. They are typically divided into two groups. The mountain gorilla lives in the mountainous regions of central Africa, while the lowland gorilla ...


A silverback gorilla is the mature, experienced male leader of a group of mountain gorillas in the wild. Named for the silver saddles across his back, the silverback is responsible for the safety of his group. A group of gorillas, also called a “troop,” can contain from 5 to 30 gorillas. The silverback decides where ...


Gorilla remains have been found in leopard scat, but this may be the result of scavenging. When the group is attacked by humans, leopards, or other gorillas, an individual silverback will protect the group, even at the cost of his own life. Reproduction and parenting


How Strong is A Gorilla? Plus Other Amazing Gorilla Facts. by Elaine Clara Mah November 6, 2018. ... How strong is a gorilla? The Herculean Strength. ... silverback troop leaders who come in contact and conflict with other silverback leaders will fight to the death. Nosey Business. How to tell gorillas apart? By looking at their nose! Much like ...


But some people seem to think a gorilla would only bench like 500 or 600 lbs. That's a huge underestimate I mean we are talking about a damn silverback gorilla even if it's not built for bench press I would be shocked if a 500 lb silverback gorilla couldn't bench at the very least 1,000 lbs.