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Signs that a fuel pump is failing include a sudden sharp decrease in overall gas mileage, high car temperature and frequent related engine stalls, slower acceleration or frequent drops in speed when accelerating or going uphill, and fuel gauge needle inconsistency when the car is in motion. It is al


Signs of a fuel injection problem include inconsistent engine power and engine misfires. Fuel unable to consistently move to the engine can cause the engine to fluctuate between revving high and low or misfiring. A misfire could trigger a misfire code and the Check Engine light.


Signs of a fuel pump failure include the engine not starting, a sudden reduction in fuel economy and noticeable jerking or sputtering when accelerating or driving at high speeds. An engine that sounds as if it is about to turn over but does not catch may indicate fuel pump failure.


Symptoms of a failing fuel pressure regulator include blackened spark plugs, a rough running engine and black smoke coming out of the tailpipe. This is because a failing regulator causes inconsistent fuel pressure to the engine, leading to a rich running condition and excessive fuel use.


Fuel oil, also called kerosene, home heating oil, diesel fuel or coal oil, is used to power various kinds of engines, lamps, heaters, stoves and lanterns. It is also stored in compact vessels for use in space heaters and used to clean metal components.


Fuel Up to Play 60 is a youth-oriented wellness program that promotes better nutrition and active play for school-age children throughout the United States. The program can be tailored to the needs and requirements of participating schools, notes the National Dairy Council.


Fuel lines, which are sometimes called fuel hoses, deliver fuel from a tank to an engine. Smaller fuel lines also transfer fuel between different parts of an engine.


Fluctuating engine power, misfiring, fuel smell, not starting and diminished gas mileage can all be signs of bad fuel injectors that may need replacement. Some of these signs can indicate dirty fuel injectors that may be fixed by cleaning, but if the problem persists, permanent engine damage can res


The clearest sign that your fuel filter is clogged is an appreciable loss of power when accelerating, especially from a complete stop or attempting to drive up a steep incline, such as a bridge.


Signs that a Ford may need a fuel filter replacement include engine lag, stalling or hesitation. Clogged fuel filters are common and many people can perform a fuel filter change themselves.