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Note that none of these signs alone are sufficient to diagnose pregnancy. Rabbits do have false pregnancies due to hormonal fluctuations, they can also gain weight and dig in the bowls for other reasons. And conversely, many pregnant does show no signs of pregnancy until a few minutes before they are ready to kindle.


Palpate your rabbit. Unless a female rabbit (also called a doe) is carrying a large litter, she will not show any external signs of pregnancy. That is why veterinarians and rabbit breeders palpate, or gently inspect (using the fingers or hands), the abdomen of a rabbit to determine if the rabbit is pregnant.


Fourth Clue: Some pregnant rabbits become desperate to build their nest.. This pregnant rabbit clue occurs a week or less before she's ready to give birth (3-4 weeks pregnant). Toss some hay or straw into her cage. If the doe starts gathering heaps of hay into her mouth like a blue jay carrying twigs for a nest, this is a sure sign she's pregnant.


According to Raising-Rabbits.com, there are several signs of rabbit pregnancy, such as mood changes, nesting and scratching the cage. A major sign of rabbit pregnancy is fur pulling. According to HowStuffWorks.com, a pregnant rabbit pulls fur from her chest and abdomen to create a nest.


The best method for knowing if your rabbit is pregnant is by palpation. If your pet is expecting a substantial litter, there will no doubt be some external signs. Veterinarians usually gently inspect a rabbit's abdomen with their hands to find out if they are expecting a litter. It is possible to feel the babies from 2 weeks of pregnancy.


Sometimes rabbits have a false pregnancy, where they act like they are pregnant, but they really aren’t. Many won’t be receptive to the buck even if it’s a false pregnancy until after day 17. If your rabbit is nesting and it’s 17 days after her last breeding RE-BREED! She’s not pregnant. You can test breed all of your does on day 18 ...


The most sure-fire of the Rabbit pregnancy symptoms is by “palpating” her abdomen, which is basically feeling for minute baby lumps. You can do this for Rabbit pregnancy symptoms between the 10rh day and the 14 th day. This act for Rabbit pregnancy symptoms requires a little rehearsal, usually.


If your intact female rabbit was with an intact male rabbit and they are both over the age of 3.5 months, you'll want to monitor your rabbit for signs of pregnancy. Like most mammals, a female rabbit's belly will get larger as her babies grow inside throughout the pregnancy, so this is the most obvious sign of a pregnant rabbit.


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Kwok on pregnant rabbit symptoms: The obvious concern is acquiring Toxoplasmosis which occurs cleaning kitty litter while pregnant. You are taking precautions with the gloves, etc, and I would certainly ask your OB MD who knows your condition whether this is safe or not for bunnies.