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Signs of shingles in women include burning, pain, tingling and numbness around the site of the rash. These symptoms often occur in the days and weeks before a rash appears, explains WebMD. Flu-like symptoms and tenderness or swelling around the lymph nodes may also occu...


Shingles is a viral infection that affects a small portion of the body, resulting in pain, burning and numbness, followed by the appearance of a red rash after a few days, according to Mayo Clinic. The rash eventually forms blisters that break open and itch. Some indivi...


Signs of shingles include sensitivity to touch, itchy skin, fluid-filled blisters, burning and pain, explains Mayo Clinic. Numbness or tingling may also occur. Some patients also report headaches, fever, fatigue and light sensitivity.


Symptoms of shingles on the hands include a painful or bruised feeling and tingling or itching skin, according to WebMD. Several days after these symptoms appear, fluid-filled blisters form on the skin, often accompanied by deep burning, aching or stabbing pain.


The most common symptoms of shingles are pain, tingling sensations, burning sensations, numbing sensations, red rashes, itching, blisters filled with fluid or crusted and a sensitivity to contact, according to MayoClinic. The less common symptoms of shingles are headach...


The beginning symptoms of shingles include burning, pain, tingling, numbness or tickling around the affected nerves, flu-like symptoms, and swelling and tenderness of the lymph nodes, according to WebMD. These symptoms occur during what is known as the prodromal stage, ...


Pain, especially intense pain, is often a first sign of shingles, according to Mayo Clinic. The pain is frequently associated with the development of a rash, which sometimes manifests itself as a stripe of blisters wrapped around the side of the torso.