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As of 2015, vehicle fuel pumps usually cost between $281 and $458. The cost of labor for replacing a fuel pump generally costs an additional $182 to $231.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes alternative fuels as those that are used in place of gasoline or diesel. Dozens of alternative fuels exist and new ideas are constantly explored, but the U.S. Department of Energy lists six types of alternative fuel that are already in production or


On newer cars, electric fuel pumps are typically installed inside the gas tank. These pumps are prevented from overheating by immersing them in fuel. Running the vehicle on an almost empty tank may cause the pump to sustain some damage.


The two main types of diesel fuel are standard diesel fuel and biodiesel. Standard diesel fuel, derived from petroleum, comes in different grades, with Diesel #2 recommended for typical driving. Biodiesel is obtained from plant oils.


Number 2 diesel fuel is a special grade of diesel used in high-speed engines that bear constant loads under fairly constant speeds. One common application of Number 2 diesel is in railroad locomotives.


According to the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, diesel fuel is refined from crude oil through the use of a distillation column, making use of the varying boiling points of all the various chemicals in crude oil to separate products from the crude oil mixture. Diesel fuel is then furt


Some good diesel fuels include petroleum diesel, synthetic diesel, fatty-aid methyl ester and Dimethyl ether. Diesel fuels are liquids that are used in diesel engines.


According to HowStuffWorks, traditional diesel oil, also referred to as petrodiesel, contains crude oil that has been extracted from geologic formations beneath the Earth's surface and is then treated through a fractional distillation process at a plant. This process results in a thick, oily, liquid


Low fuel pressure results in several issues for the engine, including rough idle, poor performance and decreased fuel economy. If the pressure is too low, the engine does not start. Fuel-injected engines are especially susceptible to problems with both fuel volume and fuel pressure.


The BMW i3, Honda Accord Hybrid and Chevrolet Volt are three of the top 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles available as of late 2014. Other vehicles on this list include the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energi, Cadillac ELR, BMW i8 and three versions of the Toyota Prius.