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As of 2015, interested parties can contact Siemens USA via toll-free telephone by calling 1-800-743-6367, or they can send an online message to the company by clicking on the Contact Us tab at USA.Siemens.com. The company posts customer service hours at its website, and live chat is also available.


The Siemens United States website offers a sales and distributor locator's service. Access the service under the more information and quick links section of the website to find a distributor.


A 0:00 code flashing in the display of several Siemens appliances means the power has been recently cut off, so the user need to reset the current time and date in the clock function. Siemens refrigerators display the E1 and E2 error codes to indicate one of the sensors has failed, so customers need


Siemens customers can contact customer service or visit Siemens-Home.com to obtain a replacement owners manual, or they may download a copy from the website. Manuals for all Siemens products are available online. Customers can also purchase Siemens accessories, cleaning and care products, and replac


While there are several tests for the starter on a vehicle, bench testing provides a definitive answer to a car that does not crank. However, before removing the starter from the vehicle, EasyAutoDiagnostics.com recommends eliminating other possible reasons for the car not cranking.


The cost of Siemens hearing aids depends on the preferred model and the source of the hearing aids, but can range from $1,575 to $2,399, according to HearingPlanet and Northwest Professional hearing. Siemens manufactures several different types of hearing aids, including receiver-in-canal and behind


The starter motor of a car works by engaging with a gear found on the flywheel of the engine to start the combustion process. A starter motor and a starter solenoid comprise the starting system of a car.


Siemens hearing aid manuals and user guides are available at BestSoundTechnology.co.uk. Select the type of hearing aid from the Download Library menu to view or download the PDF file.


To replace a starter motor, locate the old starter in the vehicle, and disconnect the wires at the top of it. Unbolt the starter with a socket wrench, pull the old starter away, and place the new starter in the same position, reconnecting it to the wires and bolts.


An electric starter motor works by generating a heavy electric current at high speeds to turn and start an engine. The starter motor is equipped with a large electric switch that turns on and then off automatically in a short period of time. The electric switch is made to withstand high currents fro