Siegler Corporation transitioned to making electronics during the 1950s, so their oil heaters have the disadvantages of heaters made at the time. As a result, their efficiency pales in comparison to newer units. More »

A Siegler furnace is a heater specifically made for a mobile home. Lear Siegler is a defunct company that produced the Siegler furnace and other HVAC equipment. In 1986, LSI Home Division was sold to Nortek, which began ... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

A gas heater produces heat for an indoor space, outdoor area or water, and it runs on propane or natural gas. Gas heaters, commonly recommended for colder areas, use gas flames to produce heat and warm the air circulatin... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

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Fuel oil, also called kerosene, home heating oil, diesel fuel or coal oil, is used to power various kinds of engines, lamps, heaters, stoves and lanterns. It is also stored in compact vessels for use in space heaters and... More »