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Here at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) we often encounter problems with the practicalities of administering the appropriate doses of certain drugs to paediatric patients. The obvious answer is to use a liquid formulation so that small doses can be measured. As a liquid it is also easier to administer.


SickKids Drug Handbook and Formulary ... and older children, and guidelines for drug usage and monitoring. The new edition covers a wide array of topics including over 80 updates and additions to the drug monographs and guidelines on neonatal seizure management, empiric antibiotic treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and otitis media ...


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The following formulas are provided for information purposes only and may not be routinely used at Nationwide Children's Hospital. A compounded product should not be used if the product is available commercially. If you have any questions regarding our compounding formulas, please contact the Hospital Pharmacy at (614) 722-9199.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION. July 2019: Please note the contents of this page are under review in the context of the NAPRA Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-sterile Preparations. CAUTION: This information has been developed specifically for the IWK Health Centre. It is provided for informational purposes for qualified health care professionals.


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Famotidine 8 mg/mL Oral Suspension Last updated: September, 2019 The policies and procedures for this SickKids compounding service stock preparation worksheets or compounding data/advice is being provided for


Compounding Formulas New Improved Formula Database Read about the changes here. View Free Samples of the Documents View Latest 100 Additions. The compounding formula library contains over 3,000 formulas in a standardized format delivered via Adobe Acrobat TM (PDF) files. All have been updated to include beyond-use-date information and source references.


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1mg/mL Oral Suspension Last updated: April 2007 ... Disclaimers: CAUTION: The information on The Hospital for Sick Children World Wide Web Site has been developed specifically for The Hospital for Sick Children. It is provided for informational purposes for qualified health care professionals. This material is not intended as a substitute for ...