Speaking to your parents in a respectful tone without shouting or being harsh with them is a way to respect them, according to List Dose. It is also respectful to use proper manners when communicating with your parents, ... More »

According to Katherine Lee from About.com, children without discipline lack self control, do not respect authority figures, including parents, have no understanding of appropriate behavior, are selfish, unpleasant, and u... More »

Other than attending services regularly and showing respect for adults, most of the common rules for Mormon teens center around dating. At 16, teens are allowed and even encouraged to date, as long as they do not become ... More »

One easy way for a kid to convince his parents to do something is to ask politely. Showing gratitude and appreciation can go a long way toward helping parents feel that giving a child too many things or agreeing to multi... More »

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To get ungrounded, it may be necessary to show your parents that you're responsible and know how to manage your time. Picking up extra chores around the house could be an effective way to do this. More »

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A child's parents should determine the appropriate age for their daughter to wear a bikini style swimsuit, according to Today's Parent. A correct or proper age to start wearing a bikini bathing suit does not exist. As lo... More »

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