A 90-degree angle has an internal angle equivalent to 90 degrees and forms a perfect L shape. It is also known as a right angle. More »

The angle addition postulates states that if an angle UVW has a point S lying in its interior, then the sum of angle UVS and angle SVW must equal angle UVW, or ?UVS + ?SVW= ?UVW. More »

To cut a 90-degree angle on crown molding using a compound miter saw, simply hold the molding on the saw bed upside down. Cut at the same angle as the shape of the wall's corner. More »

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A protractor is an inexpensive math tool used to measure the sharpness of an angle in a geometric shape. Reading a protractor is fairly simple. More »

To find the area of a sector, divide the angle of the sector by 360 degrees, then multiply the answer by pi and the square of the radius. You need to know the angle and radius of the circle. A ruler, a calculator and a p... More »

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Use a protractor to measure the number of degrees in an angle. Place the protractor over the angle so that one line goes along the protractor's zero degrees line, the vertex is at the center of the zero degrees line, and... More »

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An acute angle is any angle with a measure of less than 90 degrees. Obtuse angles measure more than 90 degrees, and right angles measure exactly 90 degrees. More »

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