Socks are worn to absorb sweat that is produced by the feet and for warmth during cold seasons. They keep the feet free of bacteria and fungi that cause diseases, such as athlete's foot, and help prevent calluses. More »

Modern sock hops keep the 1950's theme, and most people attending wear semi-formal clothing that represents that era. Men may wear a traditional greaser outfit with a tight white shirt and black leather shirt. Women may ... More »

Boat shoes look best when worn without socks or with no-show loafer liners. Several companies offer no-show socks specifically designed to be worn with low-cut boat shoes. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Thermal socks are the best kind of socks to keep the feet warm. Thermal socks are specially designed to warm the feet and lift moisture away. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The color of socks doesn't contribute to the smell of a person's feet as much as the type of fabric. To prevent feet from stinking, people should wear thick socks made of materials like cotton. More »

According to StyleCaster, French people wear striped shirts, trench coats, body-flattering pieces and neutral-colored clothing. Breton striped shirts are popular, particularly those by French designer Saint James Galathe... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

When participating in a barn dance, people generally dress in comfortable and casual clothing. Women might wear pants, shorts or skirts and a loose-fitting top while men also wear either shorts or pants and a long- or sh... More »