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T o shave or not to shave? Plenty of women might consider it daily for their legs, ’pits or pubes, but should we follow the advice of experts gathered by the Daily Mail and start shaving our faces ?


A dinner party last February, and a straight razor shave @ the barber over the summer when I was just so fed up, I didn't even want to bother trimming my beard. As for your moustache: I agree with Old55.. IMHO, you should let it grow to about a 1/2 and inch of length and consider having a barber make your lines.


Shaving Your Mustache Using an Electric Razor . Since most electric razors are not suitable for shaving long and thick hair, you should trim away your mustache first of all. Use a beard trimmer for this purpose. Apply a pre-shave product such as pre-shave oil. Most pre-shave products for electric razors are alcohol-based.


Should i shave my moustache? 17 year old here. Sorry if i look ugly here lol. Close. 36. Posted by 7 months ago. Archived. Should i shave my moustache? 17 year old here. Sorry if i look ugly here lol. 30 comments. share. save hide report. 92% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.


The final step is shaving the pencil mustache into its final shape. Your main focus will be on removing the hairs just below the nose while leaving a thin line just above the lip. While there’s no “rule” that says how thin your pencil mustache should be, the thinner, the better.


Brush or comb the moustache with the grain then style as desired. Shave around the moustache with a precise razor. Remove extra length with clippers or scissors. Cut stray hairs with scissors. Restyle with comb and wax if desired. If you have a precise moustache style, we recommend that you head to the style guides above for more detail in ...


If the thought of growing a mustache has crossed your mind, even for a moment, this is the first question you should be asking yourself, because the fact of the matter is that many guys ...


While common sense would suggest shaving before surgery would get rid of bacteria, it might make it worse. Consider these scenarios. For an operation on the face or neck, do you shave your beard? An operation on the lower abdomen, do you shave the pubic hair? This is an ongoing debate in operating rooms across the country.


While I can shave my legs in my sleep, I'm still learning how to shave my face, and you can't exactly hide a face-shaving accident. One false move could leave you with a bald spot, or accidental ...


I wore a goatee for several years, starting in my late 30s. I think guys should do whatever they want with their facial hair. And you can make the case that a guy who has maintained a mustache or beard for decades shouldn’t shave it off at age 50, just to look young.