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A 2017 workplace safety infographic compiled by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has run amok on social media and in news reports, spawning claims that authorities are telling people to shave off beards and moustaches to avoid the novel coronavirus.


An infectious disease specialist says there's no evidence that people with facial hair carry a higher risk of infection or transmission of the coronavirus, as long as they practice diligent hygiene.


Brush or comb the moustache with the grain then style as desired. Shave around the moustache with a precise razor. Remove extra length with clippers or scissors. Cut stray hairs with scissors. Restyle with comb and wax if desired. If you have a precise moustache style, we recommend that you head to the style guides above for more detail in ...


As you might have seen on your social feeds, the coronavirus pandemic lockdown has had people running for the clippers. Now most hairdressers are shut, shaving your head is pretty much the only option unless you're happy to grow it out or blessed to live with a hairdresser.


I'm 13 & I have a little peach fuzz on my upper lip area. It's sorta noticeable & my friends & a few family have pointed it out to me, which is really embarrassing. Some people say that it will grow back faster & thicker until it looks like a guy's mustache, which is what I'm afraid of. I feel that if I do shave it, it won't grow back thicker. But my underarms h...


Shaving your mustache/face! Men do it, so why can’t we? It didn’t occur to me for several years to shave my mustache in order to remove the hair. When it did finally occur to me and I mentioned it to my mother she looked at my like I had just said I was going to shave my head and join a cult. She was horrified at the thought of shaving her ...


In the meantime, comb your hair, dress sharp, and brush your teeth so your boss doesn’t think you’re on a week-long bender. MORE: 12 Beard Trimmers That Give Good Buzz Read article


The hair on my chin is slowly growing as well, but if I shave off the mustache I'm not sure what that will look like either. My only fear is if I shave it, it'll change my look for good; because of how long its been there. I know girls find mustaches completely disgusting, goatee's sometimes slip by if you know how to wear them, but I still ...


While common sense would suggest shaving before surgery would get rid of bacteria, it might make it worse. Consider these scenarios. For an operation on the face or neck, do you shave your beard? An operation on the lower abdomen, do you shave the pubic hair? This is an ongoing debate in operating rooms across the country.


If the thought of growing a mustache has crossed your mind, even for a moment, this is the first question you should be asking yourself, because the fact of the matter is that many guys ...