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On most laptop keyboards, you’ll find shortcut keys that allow you to quickly increase and decrease your brightness. Often, these keys are part of the row of F-keys–that’s F1 through F12–that appear above the number row on your keyboard. To adjust the screen brightness, look for an icon that corresponds to brightness–often a sun logo ...


However, certain computers are now equipped with a keyboard shortcut that allows you to change the brightness setting of your monitor on the fly. Not every desktop computer comes equipped with this ability, and if your desktop computer keyboard doesn't have an "Fn" key, it's unlikely there's a keyboard shortcut you can use.


Unlike laptops or notebooks, the LCD monitors connected to a computer does not come with an option for you to dim or increase the brightness on the screen which makes it very uncomfortable to your eyes. Here are 2 freewares that is able to adjust the brightness of your display.


Laptops screens have Fn+X key combination to alter brightness/contrast and other display settings because they don't have separate buttons. On the other hand desktops come with a separate monitor which usually has a button labelled Menu in the front panel with a dedicated on-screen menu to configure display settings. I tried searching for a 'keyboard shortcut' to change brightness sett...


The brightness on your Dell laptop or desktop monitor can negatively affect your viewing experience when the screen is too dim. Dell laptops include automatic battery-conservation settings that dim the screen when the laptop runs on battery power alone. Using a keyboard shortcut will override the automatic settings and can be done any time.


Press and hold the Fn key, and then simultaneously press the F key to brighten the screen. Brighten the screen in increments by tapping the F key, or adjust the screen to the brightest level by ...


Depending on what type of computer you have, there are several ways to brighten or dim your computer screen. On both Windows and Mac computers there are usually brightness controls located in the row of keys near the top of the keyboard labeled F1 through F12.


Putting the above facts, we are elaborating a few tips to Adjust brightness and contrast on Windows 10 Desktop using the built-in color calibration configuration on Windows 10 desktop.. How to Adjust Brightness and Contrast on Windows 10 Desktop 1. Only to Adjust Brightness


Most of us spend hours in front of a computer every day. Having the correct screen brightness is one of the best ways to avoid eye strain while working on a PC or any other device that has a display.. On supported PCs, Windows 10 automatically adjusts the screen brightness but most users disable auto or adaptive screen brightness to manually adjust the brightness level.


Is it possible to allocate a shortcut key for adjusting the screen brightness in windows PC? Example: I press Alt+B and it call some script or bat file to adjust screen brightness.