Various websites, such as Lease Break and Airbnb, connect renters with people looking to sublease their apartment or a room. Another option is extended-stay hotels, such as those offered by Extended Stay America. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Some ways to find short-term rentals in New Jersey include searching rental listing websites like and Craigslist. Airbnb is another good option, which caters more to people on vacations or other short trips. More » Geography and feature Florida rentals suitable for snowbirds. lists thousands of Florida rentals, many of which are suitable for snowbirds. also lists va... More » Geography

Single-room listings are listed with such services as Airbnb and EasyRoomate, but Maryland homeowners must ensure the room is up to code and that they are following all neighborhood and city zoning laws, according to Zil... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Second chance apartment rentals are similar to regular apartment rentals, but second chance landlords agree to overlook issues in renters' pasts including late rent payments, broken leases, rent owed and evictions. In or... More »

Most landlords require a deposit when renters move in. The deposit is meant to cover any damage to the property that occurs during the tenant's stay and sometimes may be refunded in whole or part when the tenant moves ou... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

A studio flat rental is a rental space suited for single-person living that, unlike a one-bedroom apartment, has an open one-room floor-plan. While a one-bedroom apartment has a separate space for bedroom, kitchen, livin... More » Business & Finance Real Estate