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Monrovia's Shishigashira Japanese Maple details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. ... and is less likely to sunburn than other varieties. Popular for bonsai, as a container specimen, and in small gardens. Highly sculptural form improves with age. Deciduous. Light Needs ...


Because the Japanese Maple’s branches are not very thick and the leaves are delicate, you will want to ensure that you avoid planting it in an area that receives a lot of strong wind. Caring For Your Shishigashira Lions Head Japanese Maple. Care and maintenance for the Japanese Maple is pretty easy.


'Shishigashira' is unlike any other Japanese maple in the world. This slow growing maple has somewhat glossy leaves that are curled and/or kinked up. One of its outstanding features is its compact ...


DESCRIPTION Japanese maples are synonymous with the bonsai culture. Unfortunately many of the varieties are really difficult to maintain at their peak in different parts of South Africa due to environmental factors. However this maple is hardy and you will not be saddened by leaf burn. What makes the 'shishigashira' ma


Acer palmatum Shishigashira is an old cultivar in the palmatum category. A medium sized tree with a most unusual characteristic - the leaves are small and crinkled around upright branches. In Japanese the name translates to Lion's Head' or Lion's Mane based upon a mythical lion in Japanese drama because of its shape and growth habit.


Acer palmatum shishigashira-Cut-Leaf Japanese Maple;This maple is native to China and Japan. Its botanical name comes from its leaves, which have 5 or more deep lobes and vaguely resemble a human hand....


This 'Shishigashira' variety of Japanese Maple is considered the best. The beautiful dark green leaves and a compact growth habit make the 'Shishigashira' perfect for bonsai. It's vibrant fall colors of red and orange are second to none.


Shishigashira is a very desirable Acer palamtum for small gardens , container culture and bonsai. Shishigashira is a slow growing upright palmatum that has thick bunched-up, curled greed leaves that give it a unique appearance. The leafstalks are short and stiff. Shishigashira name means lions head, referring to the shape of the leaf bunches.


Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer) Position: The Japanese Maple prefers a sunny, airy position but during great midday heat it should be placed in the light shade to prevent damaged leaves.The Japanese Maple is frost hardy even when trained as a Bonsai, but it should be protected from strong frost (below -10° C / 14° F).


Home > > Other Japanese Maples > Shishigashira Maple Bonsai Tree | Ungrafted. Shishigashira Maple Bonsai Tree | Ungrafted ... Ungrafted Shishigashira Maple Bonsai Tree. 80cm Tall. SELECT OPTIONS: Order in the next Hours Mins & Secs, To get your ... Our workshops teach you all you need to know about a particular subject from how to care for ...