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Black pants match well with shirts that are brightly colored such as white, red or royal blue. Shirts with bold patterns also look good with black pants.


A number of colors pair well with green. The hue is ideal with neutral colors like tan or cream, or it can be paired with basic shades, such as black and white.


White, tan, beige, cream, mint green, sage, light blue, baby pink, pale yellow, light red and light purple colored shirts all work well with brown pants. Despite brown being less forgiving than other colors, stylists have plenty of ways to avoid a mismatch and not get bored.


Colors that make stylish accompaniments to brown pants include mint green, turquoise or teal, light blue, periwinkle and some shades of purple. Other colors that may be worn with brown include mustard yellow, golden yellow, pale yellow and cream or beige.


Shirts in neutral colors such as black, white, gray and navy go well with olive pants. Although the earthy tone of olive also anchors splashes of color, luminous or bright shades should be avoided.


Brown can often seem like a difficult color to match, but there are actually several colors of shirts that will go well with brown pants. Pale yellow, orange, cream, beige or teal will all go well with brown pants.


Tan pants may be best paired with a white shirt. Other light colors like pastel pink or blue also go well with tan pants. Shades of orange and coral match with tan pants as well.


A comprehensive set of T-shirt size charts is available on the Nike website. To find the charts, go to Nike.com and in the search text box on the home page enter "size charts." A page with a list of size charts is displayed.


Choosing complementary colors on the color wheel is one way to make sure that a shirt and pants match. Colors opposite each other on the wheel are complementary.


A pants size chart has measurements, which typically include the waist and inseam, listed in a column or row that corresponds to each size. Compare these size measurements to your own measurements to determine your pants size. Sizing charts vary depending on the brand.