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France is a country located in western Europe. France has a president who is elected by a popular vote every five years although many of the day-to-day operations in the country are handled by a prime minister. Paris is the capital city of France.


France is well-known for its wine and vineyards across the country. The Eiffel Tower is a well-known landmark in the city of Paris, France.


Some foods that originated in France include croissants, baguettes, crepes and quiche Lorraine. Some other popular French foods are French onion soup, a melted ham sandwich called a croque-monsieur, éclairs and chocolate mousse. Many fine-dining recipes originated in Fr...


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As of 2015, it is estimated that the population of France is 64.9 million, making it the 21st most populated country in the world. In addition, there are about three million people living in overseas French territories.


France is located in Western Europe, and it borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. Spain is the land to the south of France, and multiple countries including Germany are to the east.