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If you choose this option, it is best to stick with the same brand as the dry dog food (assuming that you are feeding your Shih Tzu an excellent formula). To stick with recommended feeding guidelines, for each meal, remove 1/8 of a cup of dry kibble and replace it with 2 tablespoons of wet food.


Consult with your vet about what would make the best diet for any given senior Shih Tzu. What to Feed a Shih Tzu Puppy. There are a countless amount of different dog food brands—ranging from cheap to expensive—all advertising that they are the right food for your dog.


The amount of food which should be given to a Shih Tzu depends on his age, activity level, metabolism and build. Recommended daily amount for Shih Tzu is 1/2 to 1 cups of high quality dry food. There is also a difference in calories in various foods which you feed to your dog.


Shih Tzu Feeding Chart . How much your Shih Tzu should be fed can differ depending on two key factors: age and level of activity. This Shih Tzu feeding chart can help you figure out how this applies to your pet and whether you need to adjust portion sizes accordingly.


Feed your Shih Tzu the appropriate amount of food. This breed is prone to obesity, so it’s especially important to count calories. On average, older Shih Tzus and puppies need about 280 calories a day, adults need about 340 calories, and very active dogs need about 540 calories.


Different shih tzu puppies will need different amounts of water, smalldogsparadise.com says. High levels of activity drive up the needed amount of water. Puppies on a dry food diet also will need more water. Bottom Line. ... All Shih Tzu: How to Feed a Shih Tzu; Author.


Shih Tzu puppies should eat three times daily, and an adult Shih Tzu should eat once per day, according to All Shih Tzu. A puppy needs to eat an ounce of food for every pound it weighs.


Best Dog food for Shih Tzu. Reviews Of Top Brands & buyer's guide for Puppies, Adults, Seniors, Dry, Homemade, Organic, Sensitive stomachs & for allergies. ... (Divide the daily feeding amount by the number of times you are going to feed, to find out how much to feed per meal)


Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu Puppy And Adult. Because a Shih Tzu is a toy breed dog, what may look like a miniscule portion of food to you may be the equivalent of an all-you-can-eat banquet in your pint-sized pup’s wide eyes.


Feeding your dog depends on its age and weight. Try feeding your dog 1/4 cup each feeding at first. Adjust the amount if it is not finishing the food between feedings. Pay attention to your dog's eating and drinking habits. Shih-poos can become picky eaters. Hand feed your shih-poo if it refuse to eat from its bowl.