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Sheepadoodle Health & Problems. Seepadoodle is generally healthy, but some of the health problems are included like Skin problems, Renal disorders, Von Willebrand disease, Hip dysplasia, Epilepsy, Dilated cardiomyopathy, Patellar luxation, Sebaceous adenitis, Patent ductus arteriosis, Mitral dysplasia, Tricuspid dysplasia, Allergies, Bloat.


The Sheepadoodle is a great family pet, she gets on well with everyone of all ages, is affectionate, playful and not dominant so easy to train. She is also a very loyal dog and loves to be with the family at the center of it all. She is calm and sweet in temperament and very sociable.


The teddy-bear looking designer breed Sheepadoodle is a cross between a female Old English Sheepdog and a standard male Poodle, with puppies inheriting the best qualities from parents, including fluffy body with long body hair. These extremely family-oriented dogs love to be its family. Sheepadoodle Pictures Temperament These calm, playful dogs are intelligent, quiet and […]


The typical litter size will produce between five and six puppies sheepadoodle puppies with one sheepadoodle puppy costing between $1,400 to $2,800 each. History and Origin. When deciding if a breed is right for you, it is worth looking at their history and where they came from; it can somewhat predict their temperament and behaviours.


Feathers And Fleece Farm Training Sheepadoodle Tips on How to Avoid and Treat Behavior Problems Dogs and humans have lived in unison for thousands of years. This may be true, but it does NOT mean that we always understand one another. Living with pets can sometimes be as frustrating as living with people, or maybe even worse!


The fun-loving Sheepadoodle is a cross between a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog, that brings the best traits of both dogs to the mix. Appearance/Personality of Sheepadoodles The Sheepadoodle is described as the panda bear of the canine world. These lovable furry friends are black and white in appearance, often having one or …


Sheepadoodle Health Problems. This breed is healthy generally, but they may inherit a few diseases from their parents. Mostly, they will have skin problems, joint issues and bloating. Common in Sheepdogs. Hip dysplasia – In this condition, the hip of your pet becomes weak, worse and lead to arthritis.


Want a Sheepadoodle? My Standard size Sheepadoodle range from 50 to 85 lbs. They will need professional grooming, just as their parents do. Their coats are soft and they do not shed. No one has ever had a problem with allergies. These puppies are sold under the agreement they will be spayed or neutered and never used for breeding.


The name Sheepadoodle may sound a little alarming at first, but this is another of those interesting poodle hybrids rather than some strange form of livestock. They are a fairly new hybrid, but one that breeders are keen to promote and export. This is because they are seen as such a perfect mix – according to those breeding them anyway.


The coat may come in various colors, including sable, tan, black, cream, and gray. Since these dogs are very large and muscular, expect a dog that stands as tall as 25 inches. The Sheepadoodle may way between 70 and 100 pounds. Sheepadoodle Temperament. The Sheepadoodle is usually a very devoted, faithful dog that loves his family.