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The Structure Of The Constitution's Protection Of Civil Rights And Civil Liberties Economic Liberties Equal Protection. ... Shaw v. Reno [Shaw I] Search. Table of Contents. Constitutional Law Keyed to Chemerinsky. Add to Library. Law Dictionary. ... Issue. Whether the Appellants have stated an equal protection claim by alleging that the General ...


Shaw v. Reno, 509 U.S. 630 (1993), was a United States Supreme Court case argued on April 20, 1993. The ruling was significant in the area of redistricting and racial gerrymandering.The court ruled in a 5-4 decision that redistricting based on race must be held to a standard of strict scrutiny under the equal protection clause.On the other hand, bodies doing redistricting must be conscious of ...


Case Summary of Shaw v. Reno: The State of North Carolina, in response to the U.S. Attorney General’s objection that it had only one majority-black congressional district, created a second majority-black district.


We'll hear argument now in No. 92-357, Ruth O. Shaw v. Janet Reno. Mr. Everett. Robinson O. Everett: Mr. Chief Justice, and may it please the Court: As our complaint seeks to make clear, this case poses the basic issue of how far a legislature may go in seeking to guarantee the election to Congress of persons of a particular race.


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United States Supreme Court SHAW v. RENO(1993) No. 92-357 Argued: April 20, 1993 Decided: June 28, 1993. To comply with 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 - which prohibits a covered jurisdiction from implementing changes in a "standard, practice, or procedure with respect to voting" without federal authorization - North Carolina submitted to the Attorney General a congressional ...


Shaw v. Reno [Shaw I] Search. Table of Contents. Constitutional Law Keyed to Chemerinsky. Add to Library ... This case involved two of the most complex and sensitive issues the Court has faced in recent years: the meaning of the constitutional “right” to vote and the propriety of race-based state legislation designed to benefit members of ...


Start studying Shaw v. Reno. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... raise a valid constitutional issue under the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause? ... Argument for Shaw.


The Shaw v. Reno case examined whether or not there was equal protection in a district within North Carolina. It was decided, 5-4, that there was not equal protection; redistricting that had taken place was done through unacceptable racial gerrymandering, according to the Chicago-Kent College of Law.


A case in which the Court held that the redistricting of North Carolina was evidence of an attempt to separate voters based on race, and thus raised a constitutional issue under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.