A shark tattoo is a power symbol in Western culture. It stands for fearlessness, with an emphasis on the lack of fear from death. Sailors have also adorned their bodies with shark tattoos to gain godly favor in the past. More »

Men can get flower tattoos if they choose, even though these images are often seen as feminine. Men often choose roses for their flower tattoo, as the rose is a symbol of love and can represent a significant other. More »

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The bluebird, skull and the name of a significant other are all popular tattoos for men who are getting body art for the first time. The name of a wife or girlfriend is an ideal first tattoo for men who are romantics and... More »

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According to LovetoKnow, cowboy-hat tattoos can be a tribute to a loved one, a symbol of a desire for the freedom of the Wild West, or an outlaw symbol. Famous cowboys are also popular tattoos because they inspire and le... More »

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Though people choose tattoo designs for a variety of personal reasons and no symbol is entirely universal in meaning, a black panther tattoo often represents strength, courage and independence. Prominent in Central and S... More »

The two-headed snake is a symbol of magical religious power in which the duplicate heads are considered all-knowing or omniscient. The snake sheds its skin annually, which is also a symbol of rebirth believed to be neede... More »

The sun has been a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in many cultures and religions throughout time. Some believe it is a representation of the higher self, while others see the sun as a god ... More »