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Sharks 101 Sharks 101 Sharks can rouse fear and awe like no other creature in the sea. Find out about the world's biggest and fastest sharks, how sharks reproduce, and how some species are at risk of extinction.


Bull sharks are the most dangerous sharks in the world, according to many experts. This is because they're an aggressive species of shark, and they tend to hunt in waters where people often swim: along tropical shorelines. Bull sharks live throughout the world, in shallow, warm ocean waters. They've been known to swim up into freshwater rivers.


Goblin shark range map National Geographic Maps Scientists don’t know much about the behavior of these rarely seen animals. But they believe that goblin sharks are solitary, just like many other shark species.


A video of a huge shark-like creature jumping out of the sea to engulf a helicopter, while a boat-load of people look on in horror is going viral as a rare video acquired by National Geographic ...


Sharks? National Geographic's SharkFest Delves Into the 'Delicate' Sides of the Sea's Fiercest Creatures 7/24/2020. Jay-Z and Team Roc pay fees for those arrested in Wisconsin protests.


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Are sharks out to get you? That’s the driving question behind this high-adrenaline, two-hour live National Geographic event.  Human Shark Bait will beam from some of the world’s most shark-infested waters off the coast of South Africa. Commonly referred to as “Shark Bay,” it is home to some of the most concentrated and diverse shark populations in the world, including species with ...


They call it the last sanctuary of sharks. It is also known as the Eastern Tropical Pacific, home to a rich diversity of marine life. It's the underwater equivalent of the Serengeti, with vast migrations of wildlife seasonally traversing the expanse. Many National Geographic for everyone in everywhere


Terror-filled deep sea saga using underwater photography, gripping news archives & paralyzing testimony to investigate three mysterious and deadly recent shark attacks. National Geographic for everyone in everywhere