Shapes are defined as geometric objects that possess outlines or external surfaces. Common shape names include circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, cylinder, star, pyramid and heart. More »

Some commonly-known shapes are squares, circles, triangles, stars and rectangles. There are many different kinds of polygons used in geometry and many shapes that combine or arrange multiple polygons to be used in design... More »

Unlike a regular shape, an irregular shape is a polygon with sides that aren't all equal and unequal angles. Some conventional geometric shapes, such as the rectangle, parallelogram and rhombus, are irregular. A rectangl... More »

Both "oval" and "oblong" are adjectives often used to describe shapes or outlines. While "oval" is defined as "having the general form, shape, or outline of an egg," "oblong" is defined as "elongated, usually from the sq... More »

A cylinder has three faces or individual surfaces. It is a tube-shaped object that is solid on both ends, rather than hollow. It has one face on each end of the cylinder and a third face that wraps continuously around it... More »

Some shapes that have no lines of symmetry include the scalene triangle and trapezium. A trapezium is a four-sided flat shape with straight sides, none of which are parallel. Outside of the United States, the trapezium i... More »

Teach shapes to children by making a shape collage, drawing shapes on the sidewalk with chalk and sorting household items by shape. For a shape collage, cut paper into different shapes and sizes, and encourage the child ... More » Math Geometry Shapes