To install a shallow well pump, clear the well of dirt, lower the pipe into the well, and attach the pump. Once the pump is in place, connect the ground and power lines to the switch, and test the pump before connecting ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To install a shallow water well by yourself, first make sure that the land you plan on drilling on is relatively flat and free of rocks, and then modify a PVC schedule-40 pipe into a drill bit to get started. Being famil... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

To prime a shallow well pump, turn off the power and the pump control valve. Remove the priming plug, fill the reservoir with water and replace the plug loosely. Run the pump, and repeat the process until the water flows... More »

To make an outdoor water fountain, set up a reservoir and water pump, attach a copper pipe to the pump, build the base of the fountain, and pass the pipe through stones around the reservoir. Put water in the reservoir, a... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To estimate the cost of installing a new well pump, homeowners need to consider several factors such as the labor fees for pump installation, well depth, pump type and pump's material and motor. As of October 2015, the a... More »

According to HomeAdvisor, replacing a well pump costs about $1,400 on average, with the low range starting about $500 and the high range reaching about $5,000. Factors such as the area around the well pump as well as the... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

One way to purchase a used well pump is to go through a dealer who specializes in the service, such as Willamette Valley Pump. Another way to purchase a used well pump is to go through a dealer that also sells new water ... More »